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  • Airport Network Flight Scheduler


    Airport Network Flight Scheduler

    It has happened so many times that you have been waiting on airport for someone to arrive and you don’t have any exact information about flight timing and other stuff. So here we present to you a project on flight scheduler system. Using this system user’s can get the information about flight timing, and is […] More

  • Android Bluetooth Chat

    Android Bluetooth Chat

    The project Bluetooth Messenger is a system developed on android that will enable the users to create profile and chat with server with the help of device’s Bluetooth. Using the system one can create profile, update their status message and even add a profiler picture. The system requires both the device to be connected via […] More

  • Public News Droid


    Public News Droid

    This System should help the local public to keep themselves up to date about the happenings around their vicinity or locality or in their City.  Admin should monitor if any abuse or irrelevant or fake news added by any users and will take some action. The Front end used is Android Studio while backend as […] More