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  • Three Level Password Authentication System


    Three Level Password Authentication System

    The project is an authentication system that validates user for accessing the system only when they have input correct password. The project involves three levels of user authentication. There are varieties of password systems available, many of which have failed due to bot attacks while few have sustained it but to a limit. In short, […] More

  • Airport Network Flight Scheduler


    Airport Network Flight Scheduler

    It has happened so many times that you have been waiting on airport for someone to arrive and you don’t have any exact information about flight timing and other stuff. So here we present to you a project on flight scheduler system. Using this system user’s can get the information about flight timing, and is […] More

  • Android Bluetooth Chat

    Android Bluetooth Chat

    The project Bluetooth Messenger is a system developed on android that will enable the users to create profile and chat with server with the help of device’s Bluetooth. Using the system one can create profile, update their status message and even add a profiler picture. The system requires both the device to be connected via […] More

  • Crime Rate Prediction Using K Means


    Crime Rate Prediction Using K Means

    Crime rate is increasing now-a-days in many countries. In today’s world with such higher crime rate and brutal crime happening, there must be some protection against this crime. Here we introduced a system by which crime rate can be reduced. Crime data must be fed into the system. We introduced data mining algorithm to predict […] More

  • Blueye Robotics Is Pioneering the Underwater Drone

    While drones are increasingly affordable, they’re also starting to be found in more places than just above our heads. We recently covered MIT’s efforts to have drones not only traverse the sky but tread on land, and are now seeing a Norwegian company dipping their proverbial toes—and literal drones—into the oceans.  Most remote operated vehicles […] More

  • Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface


    Load Shedding Time Management With Programmable Interface

    The project is an automatic load operation system that controls load operation, multiple numbers of times according to programmed instruction. The project eliminates the manual ON/OFF switching of load. A real time clock (RTC) is used to track the time and automatically switch ON/OFF the load. This project is required for load shedding time management […] More

  • Android Controlled Automobile

    Android Controlled Automobile

    An Android controlled automobile project that allows user to control a battery powered automobile wirelessly through an android application. The system uses a bluetooth modem as a medium to transmit signals between the android based phone and automobile. The android application provides a gui to the user. The commands sent through gui are sent in […] More

  • Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle

    Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle

    This project Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle helps to control robot through voice commands received via android application. The integration of control unit with Bluetooth device is done to capture and read the voice commands. The robotic vehicle then operates as per the command received via android application. For this 8051 microcontroller is integrated in the […] More

  • Footstep Power Generation System

    Footstep Power Generation System

    The system generates voltage using footstep force. The system serves as a medium to generate electricity using non conventional sources(force) and /store/use it. The project is designed to be useful at public places like railway stations where a lot of people keep walking through all day. At such places these systems are to be placed […] More